It is undoubtedly recognizable to regard death penalty as a vulgar act of brutality, yet it is undeniable to admit its compulsory execution in some devilish crimes. 


 on one hand , we shall not disregard the crucial need to defend human rights and safety from any violent procedures in the name of any legal punishment that would inhumanisticly execute the existince of human beings in the name of justice or that of law. for it’s the most unjust to treat an individual with such diminishing behavior. even from a vengeful point of view , taking your dept from a criminal could be much regretfull for him if he had to live with the guilt of committing such crime, thus with the hope to improve and redeem himself. 

though it is true that punishment differ upon the gravity of the crime.


on the other hand, witnessing the increasing savagery raged within humanity and reflecting huge losses imposition upon the weakest of all. as the law of the wood states : ‘the survival of the fittest ‘ became the imperial rule. thereafter, this allow us to disregard humanistic rights to an individual denying all grains and hopes of humanity within him and acting as brutal and vulgar as a devilish humanistic figure , for not to say animalistic one. 

Thus in a case as such, death penalty is with no doubt the punishment one deserves. notably, in most known and most deplorable crimes of all , such as rape , child sexual abuse and enslavement, in which an individual is deprived from all the decency of being alive and being self-decisive , self-owned and self-reassured.


To finish with, we may move that as much it is contradicted for death penalty to cross both sideways of law , both edges of justice, both fair for some and obliterating for others. this proves thereafter, that the execution of death penalty is dependent upon the types of crimes. thus the more brutal is the action the ugliest gets the reaction


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