‘True Love’ and ‘I’ is a story of Belief

images‘True Love’ and ‘I’ is a story of Belief

If true love ever existed, I believe my life would be so meaningless, traveling the lengths of my years without finding it. If I ever had the choice, I could let it all go just to feel that grain of hope, to live one day experiencing true passion and embracing the greatest joy of existence.

I can never see myself, a couple of years from now, marrying someone who would mean nothing to me but a lawful decent husband. I’m not bending the laws of society and life, for I know how much it means to find someone with such qualities. but I would be binding the laws of existence if I ever betrayed my belief in how rare it is to find someone with the perfect quality, someone to click with. The perfect match isn’t someone who everyone agrees upon, who is rich and famous, who is handsome and convenient to the family values. I might be exaggerating! You might say. Yes it is importing to have these, yet it is vital, pivotal and much thrilling to have the true meaning of it all. For what would wealth worth? Without someone precious to spend it with; what would beauty mean? If there is no treasonable meet to see it through; what does fame have to offer? To a soul who doesn’t need much more than a loving heart, in which one find one’s self, find his passion, his dreams and warmth. To me, all these décor is in vain, if the right person is not the one around, to cherish it with. Life is unworthy, if love is not to be found. Though rare; still possible. why? You may ask, if I could have it all, why would I still believe otherwise!? Why would I hold on tight to something that could never prove to be true, that its values are overrated, nothing but fairy tales, fancies and bed-time stories, only to keep me alive?. Well that is the point in it all. I would never imagine myself living without that belief glowing inside me; that one day I’ll find someone great, that one day I’ll feel the utmost ecstasy of rejoicing absolute happiness; maybe not forever , even for a while, it would be much worthy than  living my whole life in vain , in the shadows of a lie, in deceit and hypocrisy. Excuse me if I cannot betray the dreamer within. I cannot go against what thrives inside me, what elements my eagerness and my urge to live, to explore, to love, to struggle through all the pain and sorrow, to fly over every trouble with a bright smile and a believing eye that something marvelous is in the way. It is said, nevertheless, that good things take time, and I’m willing to give it all it takes. I’m ready to wait forever if I had to, till I find what my heart and soul longs for, since the day I could feel. Let alone my mind which has been never excluded, yet the engine behind all the boiling emotions, beliefs and hope deep inside me, waiting for the perfect time, the perfect life, the perfect man. Blame me if you want, I’m a perfectionist, and I wouldn’t care less. For the belief inside, is even stronger and mightier than any irrational critic you may throw against me. yeah irrational , for I trust my own reason , and I live upon my own constitution, I define my goals , my dreams and my beliefs as well . So if what I trust the most is not to be true to you, that won’t change much of the truth that seams absolute to me. true love , just like pain and sorrow freedom and happiness , right and wrong, good and evil are much like God, never seen , never practically proven , yet we believe in them as if we saw , talk it to and proven to be true. that is the absolute truth. Like most of the valuable morals in life, they are never seen or proven or even thought of, they’re just felt deep in the heart. Through which we close our eyes and rejoice the meaning of existence, looking through the reflection of our souls drawn in a most satisfactory sensation of comfort, of peace and faith, that this is why we’re here, this is why and undoubtedly how we live. That is what means to believe, and that is my dears what life in its utmost thrill and joy should feel like. Thus I’m never to be blamed for what I trust the most, and never to regret waiting for the best. And thus I refuse to settle for anything but perfect, my life would never worth much than a dead stone crashing my obliterated heart and which I’m not willing to get down to. I’m never giving up, and let the world judge! I only believe in what I feel to be true, and this is my absolute truth.

For this, I would like to think that everyone has a belief as such, a principle through which one survives and by which one thrives and to which one longs. For living without one, is not only being lost in the tornadoes of the unknowing and delirious in identify crises. but even more, being vainly passing through the edge of existence, tormented at the verge of hell. Hell is where one can’t live with his own self, not knowing what that self of his truly believes in. Your beliefs I trust defines who you are; and this I believe is who I’M …..T.G……


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